About Uranium.

In the current DeFi world, the same problem is encountered by many AMMs : the token value collapses, tends to 0, and the use of DEX decreases before it stops completely.

Many strategies have been attempted to avoid this pitfall (the Goose layered farming, exotic burning mechanisms..), but none have succeeded, until now.

We can introduce you to a sustainable solution : the U235 Protocol.

We believe the answer is to simply return the majority of the profits to our users : we'll make them shareholders instead of only liquidity providers.

Stake U92, receive U235, and get rewarded with dividends !

The U235 Protocol.

In our pools and farms, you're rewarded with our U92 token, like every other DEX. The difference is that we have created a second token, the U92 counterpart : U235.

Holding this token on your wallet makes you an investor of our AMM, making you earn dividends in BNB and BUSD every block !

How ? 75% of every revenue made on Uranium Finance (deposit fee, swap…) will be redistributed to all the users who are holding U235. The rewards will increase with your shares of U235 supply, and with the global use of Uranium : the more we are, the more we earn !

Farms & Pools

Rewards on U92 farms will be U235*
Rewards for non-U92 farms will be U92
Rewards for all pools will be U92

Fees conversion

All fees will be converted into quote tokens. Currently, only BNB & BUSD will be distributed, but there could be some surprises very soon...

Uranium features.

Not yet another pancake clone


Shared revenues

By holding U235 you will daily obtain a share of the platform's profits.
The rewards come from three different sources: Deposit fees
Swap fees
Bonus Money Pot


Deflationary strategy

2% autoburn
Automatic emission reduction
Regular bonus burns & events


Secured & transparent

True fairlaunch
High-level automation
Full reporting of all transactions TxIDs
Multiple audits [in progress]


Sustainable token

Dividends distribution for the holders
Various new utilities to come
Clear roadmap




Token Symbol U92
Blockchain Binance Smart Chain
Initial Price $0.92
Initial Supply 20 000 U92 *20 400 will be minted but 400 U92 will be instantly burnt due to the autoburn mechanism.
Initial Liquidity 18 400 $ *Initial liquidities are distributed equally between U92/BNB & U92/BUSD
Contract address BscScan

U235 token.

Uranium 235 is a rare and precious element, representing less than 1% of natural uranium.
Owning it gives you some unique and exclusive powers such as powering nuclear reactors... or getting dividends!

The U235 can't be bought or sold like a classic token.

It is the counterpart of U92, and a way to hold shares of our project : holding will give you dividends every block.

No need to do anything to stack U235 : holding it is staking it !

The rewards come from three different sources :
Deposit fee
Swap fee
Regular bonuses from various sources

Don't want to get any more rewards? No worries, you can change your U235 for U92 anytime:
1 U235 = 1 U92 ratio

BUT the ratio may be adjusted, depending on how long the exchanged U235 have been staked : all the swapped tokens that have been staked for less than 24 hours will have a smaller ratio that could be down to 1:0.7 (read more about this in our gitbook).

Frequently asked questions.

To stake your U92, go on the "Pools" page. Approve the contract, and then click on "+" sign. You can now choose the amount you want to stake (or you can click on “max”) and then you have to click on “Confirm”.

You don’t have to stake your U235. You only have to keep them in you wallet in order to receive your rewards.

Yes !
FARMING: You first need to provide liquidity and THEN stake your LP tokens.
STAKING: You just need to go to the pools page and stack your tokens!
Both have their own benefits and drawbacks. It is up to you to choose what fits the most your strategy.

To connect your wallet you have to click on the "Unlock Wallet" button. Now, look for the wallet you want to connect to Uranium and click "connect". Approve the connection and it was as simple as that!

MetaMask: Create a custom RPC with the following:
Network Name: Smart Chain
ChainID: 56
Symbol: BNB
Block Explorer URL:

Please follow this tutorial :

Trust Wallet:
Please follow this tutorial :

Please increase your slippage tolerance.

If the problem persists, you can check the TX on in order to determine the problem.
For instance, it could be also a problem within BSC, please try to increase the transfer fees to 20 GWEI 200,000 Gas limit.

At the time, U92 and U235 don’t have a max supply but we have some autoburn mechanism and an automatic emission reduction system

Yes, and everything will always be announced if new pools and farms are launching!

You can join us to be the first that finds out here:
Telegram group :
Telegram announcements channel :
Twitter :